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Friday, September 12, 2008

Political Media

Are People involved in politics as a result of feeling like they should now care because the media and famous people care? Is this is caring for the wrong reasons or is caring at all good enough?

I would not presume to say what is right or wrong, but it is certainly an interesting concept. The media has played a major role in the evolution of the political arena, as it should. For example it was the media lets us see that Kennedy was prettier than Nixon. Did anyone see how cute Sarah Palin’s glasses are? Fine they are cute but seriously. Why is that something that people feel compelled to write articles about?

“Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin is making news seemingly every minute and one of the most talked about topics are her fashion choices, from her hairstyle to what she wears when she's out chasing caribou.”

Can Sarah Palin do the job? What did she say about a bridge that one time? Why don’t we wait to see what here stance is on pertinent issues that relate to our lives and leave here family and fashion sense out of it.

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